And Still…

Expansive in its beauty, raging in indifference

The throttles of existence pressed to the full

while smiles emerge, retract and slither

A fragrance, or odor, of the kind of success

that nightmares are made of

And still…life.

Lit by poor parchment and cheaper labor

Something in the water

Veneers can’t even try to hide stains

that everyone has paid for

How many portraits of nature do they buy, anyway?

And still…life.

Where Am I?

Where am I?

Still finding out much fear

Still no crossing the gap

The next chapter


Up, well, well-loved

Sickness, poverty, persecution

Held up outside the fortress

Why the stir inside?


New terrain lies unconquered

A better doer to emerge

A better earner

A better child

Trusting, loving, and leaving


Wait to be a fighter

It could be any day

The walk up to the peak

From where I am


I am white with loathing

Curved lines of aggression branch out before me

The self-culture brings me to mind…

I am dark in regret.

What I need is immersion

Not another diversion

I want to drink the salty water

The deep.

What I have is to do

What I am is to be

Anger drives the madman’s car

And the lanes are never-ending.

Complain and find nothing

Yell and scream at a deaf whirlwind

Yeah, that helps mankind

I know so much.

Another Blog

This is my new blog called “…And Cake On Sunday.”  Why another blog?  I guess I just decided that I wanted to share the musically-related stuff that happens in this musician’s life.  Why the blog’s title?  Some of you would know this but I tend to celebrate the end of a week of hard work with a cake.  

I’ll probably keep posting on “watcherslife” as well, but less on the music stuff. 

Thanks for reading.  Merry Christmas.

Time For A New Toy

Usually, at this time of year,  I find myself planning how to spend wisely on gifts and for celebrations.  Nothing different this year on that front, but I do find myself with a little extra cash from the sale of my old truck and I have decided to break down and buy a new item or two for my drum inventory.  I’m not “buying gifts for myself,” I’m “investing in my career,”  but it is likely I will hear more than one voice referring to my acquisition as a “toy.”  It goes with the territory. 

It looks like it’ll either be a new snare drum (a classic Ludwig Supraphonic?) or a couple of cymbals.  SO much to consider when money is an object…